Narrative Tools invite you to send a photograph of a treasured handed-down tool or inherited hand-made items and tell National Design Crafts Council Gallery why it is important to you. Below is a beautiful post and image from Martha Cashman. If you would like to read all the posts and send a photo and story please follow the link below to the blog.

Martha Cashman
My attachment to the items of my past was heightened in childhood when my uncle returned from America to clear out and sell my grandparent’s home. Seeing my three brothers being allowed to chuck and smash the items from The Parlour ‘the out of bounds room’ across the yard to the horse trough was devastating. After much protest I was able to rescue several items of old fine china and coloured glass ware, old records and tools from the kitchen. Forty years later these items are all dispersed throughout my sister’s and niece’s homes, all held in a special place of the home.